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Ambulance Service from Dhaka to Bogra

The Ambulance Service from Dhaka to Bogra is an important service that helps to save lives. Our Ambulance service is 24 hours,7 days a week. Any time, anywhere we go to your door or hospital with modern and latest facilities ambulance. Don’t worry about prices or rent fare. We will keep the lower rent and lower other costs.

there is always jam to Dhaka. But our expert city drivers know how to save time which is valuable for the patients.

Riad Ambulance is the first choice when you need an ambulance service from Dhaka to Bogra. We provide emergency medical care and ambulance services to both patients and ambulance service customers. We have modern ambulances with advanced equipment and a team of fully licensed paramedics at your disposal 24/7 to meet your needs. Our mission is to serve our customers.

From any hospital or from any place you can call us any time.

Details of Ambulance

An ambulance is a vehicle that provides transport services to ensure speedy delivery of medical care to sick or injured persons. The term ambulance is commonly used to refer to a vehicle used to deliver patients. In any situation, if the patient needs to be transferred to a hospital, an ambulance is required. Dedicated only for patient transfer and dead body transport.

Riad Ambulance Services

Our Ambulance Service is an emergency service agency. Since 2010, the organization has been conducting services across Bangladesh for the purpose of human kindness. The organization has all the facilities to transport the patients and deliver the bodies to the next of kin. The organization currently operates its own 2 ICU ambulances, 4 mortuary freezing vehicles, 6 AC ambulances, 2 non-AC ambulances, and 4 microbuses for transporting patients’ relatives.

Emergency ambulance services are provided in all districts of Bangladesh

Contact us for AC/Non-AC Ambulance, Oxygen Support, Mortuary Freezer Van, ICU Ambulance
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