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Chowrasta Ambulance Service, 01758 845430, 01953 921890

Chowrasta Ambulance Service 24 Hours Active for emergency service. We are providing Emergency Ambulance Service All over Bangladesh. We are always ready for emergency Service. Check our Youtube

Why we are the best?

We are always best because we believe in customer satisfaction and always maintain quality. Moreover, I try to maintain regular cleanliness.

You will get freezer van service from us. Freezer vans are used to transport dead bodies over long distances. It can be used to preserve corpses for a long time. This does not cause any damage to the body.

AC Ambulance Service can travel long distances comfortably. AC can usually span 7 to 8 people including patients.

Ambulance service is an emergency service provider. We provide emergency services to help you when a car is available during your emergency or you are stuck. We provide emergency services from Chaurasta to all over Bangladesh. You can also contact us through our number or Facebook page.

Feel free to contact us to Know about us or for assistance.
We have other services which you can read about in our posts.
Remembering your emergency situation, you can keep the necessary emergency numbers on your mobile phone. Or, you can write it down somewhere.
We are ready to stand by your side first in your urgent moments.

This Ambulance Service is Providing Emergency Service All over Bangladesh. We are always maintain Hi-Quality Service with cheap cost

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Our Service

  • Ac ambulance service
  • Non-Ac ambulance service
  • Freezing ambulance service
  • ICU Ambulance service

Our Location

  • Gazipur Sadar Ambulance Service
  • Joydebpur Ambulance Service
  • Rathkhola Ambulance Service
  • Shib bari Ambulance Service
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