01758 845430, 01953 921890

Mymensingh Ambulance Service

01758 845430, 01953 921890

Mymensingh Ambulance Service is Active 24 Hours for emergency service. We are providing Ambulance Service All over Bangladesh. We are always active in your emergency.

Mymensingh Ambulance Service

AC ambulances are comfortable for long-distance travel. Our transport is of high quality, so you can typically carry 7 to 8 people.

Non-AC ambulances are good for quick access to nearby locations. It can usually transport 7 to 8 people including patients. This vehicle is the most used.

Freezing Car Ambulance

Freezing Car is generally used to transport dead bodies to distant places. It is able to keep the corpse frozen for a long time, it does not harm the corpse.

We are always  believe in customer satisfaction and always maintain quality service. Moreover, we always maintain cleanliness.

Mymensingh Ambulance Service is Providing Emergency Service All over Bangladesh. We always maintain Hi-Quality Service at cheap cost

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Why Choose US?

  • Quality full Vehicle
  • Fastest Service
  • Cheap Rate
  • Expert Driver

Our Location

  • Chowrasta Ambulance Service
  • Gazipur Sadar Ambulance Service
  • Joydebpur Ambulance Service
  • Rathkhola Ambulance Service
  • Shib bari Ambulance Service
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