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Non AC Ambulance Service

We provide Non-AC ambulance service in Gazipur to all over Bangladesh. Non-AC ambulances can carry 6 to 7 people including patients. It is best for the winter season. The use of non-AC ambulances is more common in winter. This service is at a low cost.

Non-AC Ambulance Service

Non Ac Ambulance is best for the nearest traveling, you can effort this at a meager cost.

  • Qulaityful Ambulance
  • Knit & Clean
  • Trusted & familiar service
  • Fast & Profession Driver
  • Low & Cheap Budget

Our Different Service

Our Service Area

Riad Ambulance service provides Gazipur to All over Bangladesh. 24hrs available at cheap cost.


  • We transport unclaimed bodies utterly free of cost.
  • There are special concessions for the needy

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